MMS Jelly

 •A perfect storage for iPhone original charger and cables. (It also supports dedicated charger in France, Germany, China, Japan, USA, Canada, etc.)

• Wire Shelves - bi-wire can be accommodated.

•Jelly is the only one in the world, as long as an action when you collect wire and charger – it becomes a practical Phone Stand.

• You just need to remove the charger and insert it into the patent jack on the back; Jelly becomes convenient placement of mobile devices Stand.

•All kinds of 7 inches below mobile devices can be stranded by Jelly.
• 5 inches below ones can be reached to straight up and horizontally easily.

• During the time of charger and wire are on the use of state (charging), you can use a variety of readily available things to reach the standing effect by the way.

•It’s small, light and easy to be used.
• Jelly is only 4.5* 4.5CM, 12g, easy to be carried. Users can put it in the carry bag and the charging wire will be not knotted.

• Simple and clean design, the wire does not affect Phone Stand when we use it.
• Patented modeling does not affect the use of wire phone Stand admission.

•Jelly is designed and made in Taiwan.






MMS Jelly  - Video